My name is Edwina Garland Prouse, the proud Owner of I’m bakEd, a¬†Dublin Bakery making Novelty and Wedding Cakes.

The Bakery is HSE Approved, Fully Insured, with Food & Safety & HACCP Levels 1 & 2 Certified, and with an Allergen Awareness Cert.
On Your Graduation
On Your Graduation

The above piece was entered into the Irish Sugarcraft Show, and with it I won 3 Awards.
Gold, Best in Class 2020, and Best Novice in Show 2020.

Did I start out with Baking? No, I was a Montessori Teacher qualified to teach from birth up to 9 year olds. I left teaching after a few years and found myself in Printing, where I learned the ropes in all departments of Digital and Litho Print for 20 odd years.

My love for baking cakes started when I was thirteen, and I made my first cake in school (which was devoured by my friends before I even had a chance to try it!). Art is another love of mine, so it wasn’t difficult to add them together to make some of the cakes you see here.

I’ve been making cakes for family and friends for years; I used any Occasion as an excuse to make one!

It was time to take my favourite hobby and change it into a business, so that’s what I’ve done.

The truth is: I love cake, if it tastes good, then I’ll have a second slice, and all my cakes are ‘May I have another slice?’ cakes.

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If you would like to contact me, I’d be delighted!

I am also a member of the Dublin Sugarcraft Guild.

There’s no mistake with an I’m bakEd cake!