Cake Portions Guide

Cake Portions vary widely depending on which way you cut it.

Bearing that in mind, we have popped a Chart on here showing you how to cut your cake! Click on it to view it better.

Wedding Cake Cutting Chart
Wedding Cake Cutting Chart

Party Cakes or Sponge Cakes portions are usually 2 inches x 1 inch slices.

Usually for a Wedding the portion sizes are 1 inch x 1 inch finger slices. You may prefer the larger size of 2 inches x 1 inch slices for sponge cakes. Please make sure you take this into consideration when ordering.

Chocolate Biscuit Cake and Rich Fruit Cake can be cut 1 inch x 1 inch as these are richer cakes.

Some people prefer 3 inch high cakes, some 4 inch high. Cakes are generally made in 2, 3, and 4 inches. This can make a difference with your portions too. The average height of I’m bakEd cakes is approx. 4″.

Things to bear in mind for your Wedding Cake:

Hotels might serve your cake straight onto the tables your guests are at; if not and it’s served at a side table, your guests might miss it! Remember to consider how many of your Evening Guests you may need to serve, and of course you might want to send guests home with slices too!

A Wedding Cake might be served as dessert at more intimate gatherings. If that is the case, consider giving a more generous portion!

Some couples may wish to have more cake for celebrations the next day.

You may wish to have a tier made in Rich Fruit Cake to be kept for the Traditional First Baby Celebration, or for your 1st Year Anniversary Celebration.

Dummy Cakes:

You might want a bigger cake, but do not need the portions, in this case, you might consider using a dummy tier. This is a block of polystyrene shaped to look like a real cake which can be decorated to match the rest of your cake.

Portion Size Guide:

To give you an idea of Portion Sizes please see the following breakdown in sizes for a 2 inch x 1 inch portion. For 1 inch x 1 inch portions, you can approximately double the portion guides. As the sizing varies, this is a guide only.

Cake Width     Round                         Square

4 inch              6 portions                    8 portions

6 inch              14 portions                  18 portions

8 inch              26 portions                  32 portions

10 inch            38 portions                  50 portions

12 inch            56 portions                  72 portions

14 inch            76 portions                  98 portions

So, giving you an example:

A 3 Tier Round Cake with 120 servings of 2 x 1 inch portions is: 8, 10, & 12 inches.

As you are aware, there are many different types of shaped cakes: Round, Square, Heart, Tear Drop, Oval to name but a few. Here at I’m bakEd, we are delighted to let you know that we cater to these and many more.